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Winner Stories

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In addition to our twice-yearly raffles, Queenscourt also has a weekly Lottery which celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 2019 and still has many of its original members who choose to support the hospice in this way.

The Lottery and Raffles provide Queenscourt with essential funding which enables us to continue delivering care and compassion to patients and their families when they need us the most.

The Queenscourt Lottery was launched on April 8, 1994, and has raised more than £3 million for the hospice since then.

The Lottery draw takes place every Friday. Tickets cost just £1 each and each week there are 22 winners. The top prize is £1,500 but there is also a second prize of £100 and 20 additional prizes of £20. You can now join online via the Lottery page by completing one of our Lottery application forms which are available at any Queenscourt shop or from the hospice itself. If you’d prefer to pay by phone, you can call our Lottery team on 01704 562715.

You must be 16-years-old or over to play.

Below are just a few of our Winners’ stories that they ‘ve chosen to share, in the hope that other people may be inspired to support Queenscourt in this way.

Steve Dunn

Steve Dunn was delighted to learn he was the top prize winner for draw number 1426.
Steve Dunn
He said, "What a wonderful and welcome surprise to learn that I am the lucky winner in this week's lottery.

"After seeing many of my close friends and family suffer with the final stages of different cancers I have witnessed the excellent care that local hospices like Queenscourt can provide. 

I cannot think of an easier or simpler way to support such a worthy cause than to take part in their weekly lottery."

For more information on how to join, please visit www.queenscourt.org.uk/lottery 

Tom Wins Lottery Jackpot After Being Gifted a 12-month Membership

Tom Cunningham, originally from Ormskirk, scored the jackpot in a recent draw of Queenscourt’s weekly Lottery after being gifted a 12-month membership by his mum at Christmas.

Kath Cunningham first bought a year’s subscription for her niece Laura’s birthday in December and then decided to do with same for son Tom and daughter Grace at Christmas, never really expecting any of them to win the top prize.

“I initially just wanted to make a donation to Queenscourt because it is such a great organisation but then I read about the Lottery and thought buying a year’s subscription would be a great way to support them but would also be a great gift,” said Kath.

“After buying one as a present for Laura’s birthday I thought it would be a perfect present for my kids at Christmas too.
They were all absolutely delighted when they opened their cards.”
Just six months on and Tom’s number came up trumps - winning him the £1,500 top weekly prize. It has come at a perfect time for Tom, who lives in London, and has just given up his job to begin his PhD studies in September.

“We were amazed when the cheque arrived,” said Kath. “I bought the tickets purely as a donation to Queenscourt but it is fantastic to win.”

Jan Supports Queenscourt Lottery in Memory of her Father

Queenscourt Lottery member Jan Grimster has taken on a second number in responseJan Grimster and her Dad Bill Kerr to our recent Lottery campaign, as she still remembers the help and support her family received during her father’s final weeks. 

Jan’s father Bill Kerr was among the first patients to be cared for by the Queenscourt at Home Service in 2009 and had also been an in-patient at Queenscourt for a short time. The combination of the care he received on site and at home changed his family’s perception of hospice care forever.

“It is a marvellous place, so different from what we expected,” said Jan. “We were all made to feel so welcome and they couldn’t do enough for us - both during Dad’s illness and after he died. It completely changed my view of what a hospice is.

It was thanks to Queenscourt that my father died surrounded by his family, in his own home and with Vera Lynn playing on the CD – just as he had wanted.”

Jan has played Queenscourt’s Lottery for several years now and had no hesitation when asked to consider taking a second number. “It really is such a great cause and the extra £1 a week is a drop in the ocean, but will make a big difference to Queenscourt.”

If you are interested in playing Queenscourt Lottery for only £1 per week or want to double your chances of winning a weekly top prize of £1,500 and take out a second number like Jan, we would be very grateful. Your support makes all the difference to help Keep Queenscourt in Service as we celebrate our Pearl Anniversary year. Please visit www.queenscourt.org.uk/Lottery to learn more and join on-line.

Sasha’s Shock Lottery Win Will Help With Wedding Plans

Sasha McKenzie still can’t quite believe she scooped the £1,500 top prize in our weekly Lottery having Sasha McKenzie Lottery winner
only signed up to play to support Queenscourt and the vital services we provide.  

“I'm still in shock,” said Sasha. “I never win anything! I set up the Lottery to support Queenscourt and never thought about actually winning, I just wanted to give back each month to the most incredible and deserving charity.”

Sasha added: “I've always lived in Southport and seen first-hand the incredible work the hospice does, not only for the patients but the support it gives to their families too. It is such a deserving, amazing charity and I couldn't be happier to support it.”

The Lottery winnings are going to be put towards Sasha’s wedding next year, although she’s going to buy a few treats for her young family too.

Sasha is keen to encourage others to join our Lottery. “I just want to say if anyone is thinking of signing up to the Lottery then absolutely do it,” she said. “Not only are you putting crucial funds into the most deserving of charities and making an amazing difference, you also have the chance of winning money too!”

For more details of our Lottery and how to join, please visit www.queenscourt.org.uk/lottery.


Lilian’s Lottery

The generosity of our supporters never fails to lift the spirits of everyone here at Queenscourt.

Just recently we had the pleasure of informing one of our Lottery players, Lilian, that she had won a £20 prize, only for her to immediately respond by offering us her winnings as a donation back to Queenscourt.QC Blog Join Now

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