Donating in Memory of Someone Special

Donating in Memory of Someone Special.

We are sorry for your loss, and would like to thank you for thinking of raising money to support our specialist care at this difficult time.

Making a donation or organising a fundraising event in memory of someone special is a lovely way to honour all that they meant to you, as well as to support the work of Queenscourt Hospice. We are always touched and humbled by your stories and memories, and are really grateful for your donations.

We have answered some of the most frequent questions that we are asked here, but if we can help you in any way please do get in touch.

Donating in Memory

You can donate in memory of a loved one online by using the Donate button on our website As you make your donation, you can tell us the name of this special person and, if you would like, you can tell us more about why you are donating. You can also call us and donate using a credit or debit card over the telephone on 01704 517420.

Collect at a Funeral or Memorial Event

Collecting donations at a funeral can also help Queenscourt Hospice make a lasting difference in memory of your loved one. You might choose to do this by asking for donations instead of flowers. You could also hold a collection at a celebration of life service or memorial event.

We can provide collection pots for use at funerals and memorials, and we also  have additional resources such as donation envelopes, pin badges, and cardboard collection boxes.

Set up a Tribute Page

You may also like to create a Tribute page in your loved ones name through Much Loved,; or Just Giving  You can share the page on social media;  perhaps at the same time as you share details of the funeral arrangements and how to make a donation.

Plan a Memorial Event

If you are thinking of organising a charity or memorial event in honour of your loved one, please call us and we will offer our support every step of the way. We can help you by providing practical advice as well as banners, posters, collection boxes, and sponsorship forms. We have lots of ideas and helpful advice to make your event go smoothly, just ask for one of our Fundraising Packs.

Leaving a Gift in Your Will in memory of someone special

Leaving a Gift in your Will in memory of someone special is not only a touching way to honour a person, it is also a meaningful way to support Queenscourt Hospice. If there was someone special to you that you know loved to support Queenscourt Hospice, then you could continue that support in their memory.

Gifts in Wills have helped to keep Queenscourt Hospice in service for over 30 years. As an independent voluntary and charitable body we need to raise over £4million a year to run Queenscourt Hospice. With less than 20% of our funding coming from statutory sources, your support can make a substantial difference to our charity.

If you would like more information, please contact our friendly Fundraising Team on / 01704 517420.

Click below to download our ‘Remembering Someone Special’ Leaflet:

Remembering Someone Special