Make A Will

Make a Will Donation

Please read all the information below before making your donation.

Making a Will

The following local Solicitors will support Queenscourt Hospice by professionally writing basic Single and basic Mirror Wills in exchange for a suggested minimum donation to Queenscourt Hospice of:

  • £150 for a basic Single Will*
  • £250 for basic Mirror Wills*

*For more complex Wills that require more time, Solicitors will advise of any additional charges on top of the donation.

Participating local Solicitors:

  • Breens – Southport 01704 532 890
  • Cockshott Peck Lewis – Ainsdale 01704 574 144
  • Formby Law – Formby 01704 878 501
  • VC Law – Southport 01704 617101

How to book your appointment

  1. Please contact your chosen Solicitor** to check they have availability;
  2. Once availability is confirmed, please make your donation online via the Make a Will Donation button; and receive a confirmation email for your donation;
  3. Contact your chosen Solicitor to confirm your donation and appointment;
  4. Download a copy of our Will Planner to help you prepare for your appointment.

** Your chosen Solicitor is only confirmed once an appointment is made with the Solicitor. Appointments are limited and at the Solicitor’s discretion.

If your chosen Solicitor is already fully booked you may need to select another Solicitor to book your appointment.

Why make a Will?

As we go through life our lives are constantly evolving, from successful careers and new homes, meeting the love of our lives to a growing family, enjoying retirement and watching grandchildren play. These are all important reasons why you should make a Will.

Making a Will ensures that your loved ones are provided for as you wish. A Will allows you to leave your gifts to those you love, whether it is cash or personal items. Each gift in a Will comes with love and is an expression of who you are and what you loved and supported.

Unless you make a Will, you cannot guarantee that your estate will be distributed as you would like. If you die without having made a Will (known as Intestate) the law directs how your assets are divided.

Having a Will written professionally can give you peace of mind and helps ensure your loved ones are taken care of. It’s also a good idea to review your Will every five years, knowing that times change and so do our wishes.

Please consider leaving a Legacy to Queenscourt

The future of your local hospice relies upon people like you remembering us in your Will. It’s a simple and effective way of ensuring that our wonderful hospice can continue to care for future generations. Once you have provided for your loved ones, please consider leaving a donation to Queenscourt. Your gift will cost you nothing today and yet make a world of difference to those we care for tomorrow.

There is no obligation for you to include a gift to the hospice in your Will, however, any gift in your Will made to a UK registered charity such as Queenscourt Hospice, will be tax free and may help reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax your estate would otherwise have to pay.

After you have considered your family and friends, if you are considering leaving Queenscourt a gift in your Will – thank you so much! Gifts in Wills have helped to Keep Queenscourt in Service for over 30 years, and whether it is a little or a lot, a legacy gift makes the world of difference to our patients and their families.

Thank You so much for Your Support!

Your gift will cost you nothing today and yet make a world of difference to those we care for in the future.

Will Planner

01 May 2024 - 01 March 2025

Suggested donation of £150 for a basic Single Will, £250 for basic Mirror Wills.

Fundraising Team

01704 517420


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Make A Will

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