Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones offers those bereaved of a patient in our care the chance to return to Queenscourt to meet with staff, ask questions and talk about how they are coping. Stepping Stones provides a quiet and private one-to-one environment for discussion, taking place on the evening of the first Tuesday of every month by appointment. We hold meetings both on an evening and during the day, as well as providing the option of talking over the phone, for those who may not wish to return to Queenscourt. We contact next of kin approximately 8 weeks after their loss to invite them to their first Stepping Stones meeting. If you are bereaved of a patient in our care but you are not their next of kin you are still more than welcome to come to Stepping Stones if you feel it may help.

Remembering Evenings

Our Remembering Evenings are held twice a year, both on a Tuesday, one closest to the longest day in June and one closest to the shortest day in December. These evenings offer family and friends an opportunity to remember those who have died, in thoughts, poems prayers or songs.

All are welcome to come, but we invite especially those who have lost loved ones within the previous six months. The names of those lost are read out and we celebrate their lives with readings, song and music. It is completely non-denominational and there is a printed booklet which you can use to remind you of the readings.

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