How to Apply

What are we looking for?

We will be assessing how well your application matches the person specification for the post you are applying for. The applicants who closely match the person specification will be the ones that are shortlisted for interview. You will need to evidence that you meet all the essential criteria as a minimum.

To stand the best chance of receiving an invitation to interview, demonstrate that you have the skills and experience needed to be successful in the post you are applying for. Provide clear examples of how you meet the requirements of the role as stipulated in the person specification.

The ‘Additional Information’ section is a key section of the application form. It allows you to provide evidence of your experience, knowledge, skills and abilities that are relevant to the role. Selection is based on an assessment of the evidence you provide against the requirements of the role as set out in the person specification. It is important that you tailor your response to clearly demonstrate how you meet each requirement. No assumptions will be made about your achievements and abilities.

Please provide one example for each requirement in the person specification. You should choose examples of past experience that clearly demonstrate what we are looking for, and be precise about what you did, how you did it and the outcome or result of your actions.

A useful guide might be S.T.A.R:

  • Specific – give a specific example
  • Task – briefly describe the task/objective/problem
  • Action – tell us what you did
  • Results – describe what results were achieved

Please provide recent work examples wherever possible. However, do remember that relevant examples from other aspects of your life, for example: voluntary or unpaid work, school or college work, family or home responsibilities, can also be given.