Members of #teamqueenscourt Complete Innovative Palliative Care Master’s Degree

Community | 26 May 2023

Members of #teamqueenscourt Complete Innovative Palliative Care Master’s Degree  

Two members of #teamqueenscourt have recently completed MSc Master’s Degrees in Integrated Palliative and End of Life Care, awarded by Edge Hill University.

Julie Davidson, Clinical Co-ordinator for Queenscourt at Home, and Ewelina Kopec, Education Facilitator at the Queenscourt Terence Burgess Education Centre completed the course this year, which is designed to make palliative and end-of-life care real, meaningful and accessible for all frontline clinical staff.

The exciting collaborative partnership, between Queenscourt Hospice and Edge Hill University commenced in 2016-17, and saw the development of an original and inspiring programme for front line health care professionals.

The Postgraduate Certificate (and Master’s Programme) consists of three Palliative and End of Life Care Modules.

Julie Davidson said: “I decided to pursue the Master’s Degree as I had a desire to gain further knowledge and enhance my skills in palliative and end-of life care in order to provide the best possible care for patients and their families.

“I enjoyed all modules but in particular the ones delivered at the Terence Burgess Education Centre. Throughout the course, I have enhanced my communication skills, become more adaptable and resilient and improved my skills in leadership, project management and change management.

Queenscourt is a special place, and everyone gives their best in order to provide the highest quality care for patients and families.”

Ewelina Kopec, added: “I am aware that in order to deliver an excellent standard of end-of-life care for patients and those important to them, healthcare professionals are required to continuously improve their skills.

“It is important to me to study the subject I am passionate about, but also to share my knowledge, skills and experience with other healthcare professionals.

“One of the most valuable skills that I have gained as part of my MSc studying is the importance of effective communication.

“This is essential to delivering excellent teaching on how to facilitate meaningful conversations for patients, families and healthcare professionals, in order to establish what is important to an individual by addressing their concerns.”

Julie Bridson, Head of Postgraduate Medical Education at Edge Hill University, said: “I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to Julie and Ewelina on successful completion of their Master’s Degree.

“This is a great accomplishment and so important in supporting patients and their families at difficult times.

“Thank you to expert colleagues at Queenscourt Hospice for developing and delivering this programme and I hope all concerned enjoy the upcoming graduation ceremony in July.”

Queenscourt Hospice is proud of the educational partnership between Edge Hill University and #teamqueenscourt, which promotes and delivers a high standard of education by creating a supportive and interactive learning environment for individuals.

For further information on the course at Edge Hill University, please visit for further information on Queenscourt Hospice, please visit

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