Make a Difference this April with Your Legacy of Love

Community | 8 March 2023

Make a Difference this April with Your Legacy of Love

Legacies are personal. We want to make sure that our families are provided for, and to leave gifts to those we love. Whether it is money or personal items, each gift is given with thought and consideration, and is an expression of who you are and whom or what, you loved and supported.

This April, in exchange for a donation to Queenscourt Hospice, we are able to offer you the opportunity to book an appointment directly with a local Solicitor who can help you to write a new Will.

Having a Will written professionally can give you peace of mind and helps ensure your loved ones are taken care of. It’s a good idea to review your Will every five years, knowing that times change and so do our wishes.

After you have looked after your nearest and dearest, a gift in your Will could help #teamqueenscourt to continue providing exceptional compassionate care for local people when they need us the most.

The Solicitor will not charge you for their time but instead would like you to make a donation to Queenscourt Hospice. The process is simple, you can choose any Solicitor from the list of participating Solicitors on our website, and once you’ve made your donation, you can call them directly to make an appointment.

Making a Will doesn’t have to be daunting, the Solicitor will guide you through the process, ensuring your wishes are carried out. The suggested donations are:

  • Basic Will – suggested donation of £100
  • Mirror Will – suggested donation of £150

To make your donation or for further information, please visit

Elisabeth Hartley, Fundraising Manager at Queenscourt Hospice, said: ““We are so grateful to the local Solicitors who are able to give up their time again this year to support Queenscourt during Will Month 2023.

“Since Queenscourt’s Make a Will Month scheme was launched in 2014, it has raised over £100,000 and seen more than 700 Wills written or updated.

“The future of your local Hospice relies upon people like you remembering us in your Will. It’s a simple way of ensuring that #teamqueenscourt will be here to care for generations to come. Once you have provided for your loved ones, please consider leaving a gift to Queenscourt.”

There is no obligation for you to include a gift to the hospice in your Will, however, any gift in your Will made to a UK registered charity such as Queenscourt Hospice, will be tax free and may help reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax your estate would otherwise have to pay.

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