Graeme Celebrates Over 30 Years Of Service To Queenscourt

Volunteers | 1 June 2021

Graeme Southern has been supporting Queenscourt since the late 1980s when his parents first started fundraising for Queenscourt as they knew Dr Karen Groves and her sister Sarah, who were responsible for founding our hospice.

When Graeme’s parents retired from fundraising, he took over and became involved with the Central Support Group in the early 1990s. In 1998 he became its Treasurer and since then the Group has raised over £150k for Queenscourt.

The Group organises regular fundraising events, although they have had to take a break over the past year because of Covid-19. Events have included popular light lunches, car boot sales, coffee mornings and musical evenings.

“It goes to show that every penny does count and that the money raised at each event really does mount up,” said Graeme.  “The Group may now only have five members, but we have many, many loyal supporters who come to every event.”

After 30 years, Graeme is as dedicated to Queenscourt as ever. “Right from day one there was a clear need for the Hospice and sadly that is still the case today,” he said. “It really is an amazing place that has touched the lives of so many local people, and provided support for patients and their families when they needed it the most.

“It has been an unusual year from our Group’s perspective, but once we are able to, we will re-start our fundraising events.”

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