Andrea Became A Queenscourt Volunteer Following Health Scare

Volunteers | 7 June 2021

After a major health scare over a decade ago, Andrea Siarkiewicz’s priorities changed massively.

Now in good health, Andrea said “There’s nothing like a cancer diagnosis to bring you down to earth with a bump and realise what’s important and what’s just ‘stuff.’

“I made myself a promise that whenever I was able, I’d do some good in the world, something to benefit others, as a payback for my good fortune and gratitude for surviving.”

Five years later Andrea was offered, and accepted, redundancy and early retirement after a career spanning 41 years. After just two weeks of doing nothing boredom set in so, mindful of her promise, she enquired at Queenscourt about volunteering.

She said: “I had a chat about my skills and experience and started in the Lottery Department in April 2014. After a few weeks, the Finance department got wind of my work background in banking so I helped out one day a week there as well.

“I still volunteer for Finance and 7 years on I still absolutely love it. I completed my 1,000 volunteer hours after 6 and a half years.”

Andrea is now aiming to complete 2000 hours within 12 years.

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